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As OtoPro, we help our clients bridge the gap between what their customers demand in a digital environment and what they actually experience by:

OtoPro Approach Detail 1acting as a trusted advisor with the objective to provide a strategy, structure and expert guidance to maximize results
OtoPro Approach Detail 2reviewing on & offline activities, identifying opportunities for immediate and future growth
OtoPro Approach Detail 3providing ongoing guidance and hands-on implementation support to deliver fast and effective change
  • Assessment of all existing and planned digital activities and platforms
  • Information collection from the business stakeholders via interviews
  • Preparation of a gap analysis report from multiple data points which will allow for an evidence-based digital strategy.
  • A tailor-made digital strategy that sees the forest AND the trees: We believe in focusing on the big picture without losing sight of the details that lead to that picture
  • Development of a clear road map with buy-in from key stakeholders along a realistic timetable
  • Aim for tangible results with long term impact.
  • Managing hands-on end-to-end delivery of the digital strategy and making sure that the correct pieces are in place in agreed time plan
  • Based on an assessment of our clients’ current business and an agreed strategy for the future, we will help them implement a transformation plan that includes organisational structure, capacity building, systems and processes.
  • Reporting of results based KPIs with continuous monitoring and assessment which will empower our clients to take data-driven decisions.
Why choose us
Our highly capable and experienced teams provide hands-on and tailored support to our clients in transforming their businesses to a digital, more efficient and accountable level with measurable results.

Result oriented digital strategy development and transformation are our main focus. We tailor our methodologies, tools and technologies based on our clients’ priorities to include roadmaps for quick wins as well as longer-term action plans.

Certified Used Car Programs

Dealer Performance Consulting (DPC)

New Car Lead Generation

Used Car Locator

Online Classified Listing

Dealer Web Site Development &
DMS Integration

Investment Intermediary


Business Planning

Financial Modelling

Business Due Diligence

Urban Mobility (the future of transportation)

Corporate Identity

Logo Creation

Printed Material Development

Office Design & Production

Human Centered Product
Design & Development

Online Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

Content & Info. Architecture Audit

Traffic & Lead Generation

Analytics Audit & Consulting

Landing Page Development


Market Research

Market Assessment

Innovation & Product Development

Branding & Positioning

Communication Effectiveness

Customer Loyalty

Information Technology

Web Site Design & Development

Network Solutions

Back-up & Recovery

Support Services


HR System Design &
Process Improvement

Job Description Audit & Development



Leadership & Career Coaching


PEP Automotive, Devon, UK

Toyota, Athens, Greece

Kia, Istanbul, Turkey

Fiat, Istanbul, Turkey

Hyundai, Istanbul, Turkey

Toyota, Istanbul, Turkey

Volvo, Istanbul, Turkey

Peugeot Istanbul, Turkey

Temsa, Istanbul, Turkey

Harley-Davidson, Istanbul, Turkey

Borusan Holding, Istanbul, Turkey

Market Information
& Investment

GLG Group, London, UK

Alpha Sights, London, UK

Website Design
& Development

Event Management


Corporate Health Consultancy

Software Development Services






PT&R, Istanbul, Turkey

Allen Carr Turkiye, Istanbul, Turkey

Our small team of experts work closely with clients to make sure that they achieve the desired results.
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Asim Yavuzalp
Asim Yavuzalp
An economist by training, consultant by practice and entrepreneur at heart, Asim Yavuzalp is working with companies to develop their digital, investment, business and marketing strategies especially in the automotive, internet and services industries. He was the CEO of Arabam.com in Turkey, the 2nd largest used car classified platform in the market, between the years 2014-2016. He is also the Founder & CEO at ArabaBul.com, a new car lead generation marketing platform, which he started-up in October 2009. Prior to that, he was the Country Director for Turkey at PEP Consultancy, Europe's largest automotive consultancy firm, and held senior positions in the automotive industry, which he joined in 1994. He supports PEP Automotive, UK based automotive consulting firm, to develop business opportunities in Austria and neighboring countries and represents Sente Capital, an investment firm based in Chicago. Asim holds a Master of Management from Isik University, diploma on Marketing and Advertising from New York University and a BS from Istanbul University Economics faculty.
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Murat Oguz
Murat Oguz
Murat Oguz, a highly capable IT professional, has been in the industry since 1990. He worked for the Turkish Football Federation. Dogus Holding Group, eforSoft and supported ArabaBul.com as IT & Web Manager and finally, since 2016 he has been working as Information Systems Consultant in OtoPro. He has worked in many different areas of the industry and can deliver different services to our clients even though each of it requires different knowledge and competencies such as web site design and development, network solutions and support services. Murat holds a BS on Business Administration from AOF and diploma on Analysis & Software from Bosporus University.
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Ersan Alkan
Ersan Alkan
Ersan Alkan, dynamic, result oriented researcher with a strong international background. Ersan has been building bridges between companies and their consumers by helping them to understand their consumers, what expect from them and how they see them. Also work with the companies to clearly define their position in the market environment and their roadmap to success. He started his career as research coordinator in the U.S. for nation-wide non-profit organization, AVID. After holding this position for 8 years, he moved back to Turkey. He worked for the market research agencies, Millward Brown and Ipsos, and played key roles in these organizations. After six years in the corporate work, He established FRAM Research and Consulting Ltd, to work with his clients exclusively to provide them tactical and strategic insights in a commercial context. Ersan has completed his undergraduate work in engineering at Istanbul Technical University, then he continued his education at University of Texas – Pan American to complete his graduate level education first Master in Information Technologies then Master in Business Administration.
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Ahu Gokmen
Ahu Gokmen
Ahu is a seasoned development consultant and coach, equipped with almost 25 years of knowledge and experience on human behavior by education and profession, whose areas of expertise include individual and team coaching, talent and leadership assessment and development and change. She started her professional career in Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the largest electric utility companies in the U.S. with over 100 years of presence, 13,000 employees. She worked as an internal consultant providing HR/OD-related consulting to business unit. After returning to Turkey, she has held managerial positions in automotive (Borusan Otomotiv) and telecommunications (Turkcell Superonline) industries where she was responsible for strategy, organizational structure and design; systems design/improvement, management, implementation of all the HR processes, as well as the overall management of the HR function for more than 6 years. Ahu has transitioned back to consulting, particularly focusing on individual and organization development, where she has been participating/leading various HR projects working in multi-cultural and multi-national environments since 1998. Ahu graduated from Bosporus University, Department of Psychological Counselling and Guidance in 1997, pursued her Post Graduate studies in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (M.Sc.) at California State University, USA. Trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Co-active coaching, Ahu is currently working with individuals, leaders, and teams for personal/professional change and development.
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Deniz Utku
Deniz Utku
Deniz is a seasoned Digital Marketing professional with 10+ years experience, covering a career in Google, sahibinden.com, Markafoni and hundreds of client projects. Performance (conversion) based marketing, web analytics, digital business analysis and e-commerce are the main areas Deniz is experienced at; with hands-on experience on all aspects of digital marketing, especially Digital Strategy, Google Ads, Analytics and SEO.
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Tolga Sasik
Tolga Sasik
Since 2001 in addition to his duties in the finance sector, he has provided Personal Development Trainings on many different subjects to more than 30.000 people from various sectors. Tolga has 4 books that were published in 2006, 2010, 2015 (Extended Edition), and 2018 which includes “Satışın Türkçesi”, “Büyük Satışlar İçin Küçük İpuçları” and “Fanatik Müşteri Yaratmanın Yolları”. Also, he periodically writes articles on many journals and websites. Tolga is also a Senior Consultant for sales channels, real estate development, foreign company partnerships and investments, developing and managing dealer/franchise, business development, sheconomy-marketing to women, customer and employee satisfaction and mentoring young entrepreneurs in different international “start-up” projects. Currently he is an executive board member of a non-profit university.
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Erhun Batu Koprulu
Erhun Batug Koprulu
Erhun Batug Koprulu is a creative thinker who acts as a problem solver in a vast range of projects. He believes that in addition to creatively envisioning an aesthetic product, a crucial challenge is to realize and successfully implement human needs in the design process. In his professional career of over 25 years, he contributed to multi-disciplinary projects around the world, involving diverse teams, materials, production processes and business strategies. His success of managing to keep the balance of “function and form” while implementing the requests and needs of the customer throughout these design processes earned him trust and respect. he increasingly focused his professional efforts to small sized enterprises and corporate organisations. Currently he is running his own business and consulting by integrating all his experience of human-centered design approach, technology, research and business. He aims to provide a top-notch quality of life service to customer needs, with the support of skilled teams and ateliers. Batug’s customers have frequently praised his ability to realize and articulate their needs, and lead the project processes from sketches to production.
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